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U.S. Hiring Trends

Despite Recession Worries ...

Employers’ intent to hire remains strong through the end of 2022.

Quit rates are holding, with workers switching jobs at near-record levels.

Employers are expanding retention strategies and tactics to curb turnover.

Companies’ Hiring Plans July–December 2022


46% Hiring for new roles


46% Hiring for vacated positions


6% Freezing hiring


2% Eliminating positions

Bureau of Labor Statistics Snapshot

10.3 million*

Job openings (October)

4.0 million*

Employees who quit jobs (October)


Unemployment rate (November)


Job openings that are remote (November)

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, preliminary and seasonally adjusted

Employers Brace for More Quits

Managers citing increased turnover in the past year

Managers very concerned about employees quitting

Workers actively searching for a new job in the second half of 2022

Workers planning to search for a new job in the second half of 2022

Retention Strategies Employers Can’t Ignore

Turnover is taking its toll on employers, yet counteroffers rarely are the answer. Although employees want better pay and perks, companies might consider offering recognition programs, remote work options and lighter workloads as lower-cost alternatives.

Top Retention Strategies

Multiple responses were permitted. Top responses are shown.

Top Retention Strategies

  • Increase compensation52

  • Recognition programs46

  • Remote jobs45

  • Alleviating workloads26

Multiple responses were permitted. Top responses are shown.

Report Methodology

Robert Half’s Demand for Skilled Talent uses a proprietary methodology to analyze more than 6 million positions posted on over 100 independent job boards and company websites across the United States over the previous two quarters.

Job roles included in this report span 75 categories within the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018 Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) code system for the administrative and customer support, finance and accounting, healthcare support, human resources, legal, marketing and creative, and technology professions.

Robert Half’s analysis removes any repeat postings made within 30 days of the original posting.